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A short run around Peebles Island

We went for a few short hikes, took her to a run with the Albany Running Exchange then she caught the trail running bug. (I think).

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The joys of cycling is often the points found between A and B. From Slow Bicycle Movement

some more of the right, pls

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Catskills just south of me but too far for a days ride. There’s a lot of great rides nearby but it’s as if the mountains are calling.

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..at the Albany County Rail Trail

I sometimes daydream during my rides that she follows along on a moped for a shot like this.

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..so this is summer in the Northeast? I think fenders are in order.

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"While we are looking for the antidote or the medicine to cure us, that is, the ‘new’, which can only be found by plunging deep into the Unknown, we have to go on exploring sex, books, and travel, although we know that they lead us to the abyss, which, as it happens, is the only place where the antidote can be found."

- Roberto Bolaño (via observando)

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Until recently, most of my rides have been short, exploring the roads that I could ride in less than an hour from home and most corners I stop like this and figure out where to go next.  I now plan my rides on Strava and use Osmand to give me turn-by-turn directions.

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couple of months ago, a short hike at Thacher Park

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Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler. (The thumb is mine not Calvino’s)

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I wanted a fixed gear commuter but she wanted something she could ride so we bought an old Miyata TripleCross that I converted to a 1x7.
Grocery basket + fenders maybe…

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Greylock, 1st day of summer

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