I wanted a fixed gear commuter but she wanted something she could ride so we bought an old Miyata TripleCross that I converted to a 1x7.
Grocery basket + fenders maybe…

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This was the day before I lost patience, thought the paint was “dry enough”, then tore off a half-inch fleck while cutting the steerer tube.

Idiot move.hahaha…  Now, I’ve a few long exams this week so that’ll keep my hands from wrench-itching.

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Slim legs for her..

I was in Manila for the weekend and went to Ave Maldea’s workshop in Cainta to pick up a fork I asked him to build a week earlier.  He says he managed to sneak in my fork with all the other jobs on his list (track & 29er MTBs, I bet).

Now it’s primed and ready for a layer of flat/matte black coat.

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sharing the outdoor rack with a mid-restoration Bianchi

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off to be repainted

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  1.  rhodeskc said: You can use specific base paints, e.g. Zinc. Chemically speaking, the paint will react instead of the iron, preventing rust.
  2.  mignac said: do you use anti rust spray?

Picked up a spraycan, read “primer”, and thought was all there is to it.LOL  Good that I have a friend who restores bikes as a hobby.  I’m bringing my frame over to his place next week.

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thinking of getting a basket to get rid of the plastic bag habit

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sis bought me a kikkerland bell from her travels..

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from TIME Asia Magazine’s “Influence:  A Brief History”

2 years ago

This is the 4th time I brought my bike to Manila and this is the 4th time I forgot something…this time its chain lube.

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I’m riding on a borrowed bike this week, a Cannondale CAAD4 with a mix of DA 7800/7700 parts and Ksyrium wheels.  Took her up to Mambukal Resort to try her out.

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Sunday easy group ride with the oldie roadies…we passed this guy riding a backwards-pedalling bike.

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relaxing at my lola’s (now my tita’s) small garden w/ a thermos of green tea

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Clean bike, ready for the Christmas Eve ride.

(natural fiber brush, dishwashing paste, old sock, and plastic ice cream container for the bike wash+ light oil to relube…no more cycling-specific stuff from now on)

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I used to have a mountain bike built up as a 26” light tourer w/ a DIY backpack pannier.

With all the fixed gear touring videos I’ve been watching lately, I’m thinking of getting a cycling backpack and just ride somewhere.  I think she’s up for it.

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